This survey will assist in determining approximately how many people raise raccoons and under what circumstances.  Any information you can provide would be helpful. You may remain anonymous if you choose to do so. We simply need honest responses. To receive Wildlife Coalition newsletter please check the yes box. 

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What year(s) did you raise the raccoon?
What county and state was the raccoon found in?
 In what circumstances was the raccoon found?

Did you contact anyone to take the raccoon, such as a rehabber or Division of Wildlife?    

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  If you answered yes, who was contacted and what did they say?

Did you know where to look to find someone to help you?   

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Was the raccoon in contact with friends or family members? Yes No
If you answered yes, how many friends or family members and what were their ages?
Was the raccoon in contact with family pets?     Yes No
What type of pets or other animals?
Were you aware of the health risks involved; rabies, roundworm, distemper, etc?    Yes No
What happened to the raccoon?   Released Died Escaped Other
Please explain what happened
How long did you have the raccoon?
Was/Is this the first time you have raised a raccoon?    Yes No

Would you do it again? And why or why not?

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